CoreVista Smart Dynamic Displays

"CoreVista Smart Displays" will directly impact sales, increase customer retention
and build brand value.

"CoreVista Smart Displays" is a platfom providing for the display of branded, customized content on flat panel screens in your business. The eye-catching screens, dynamic and powerful visuals along with extreme flexibility can help your business drive sales, and transform the customer experience.

The "CoreVista Smart Display" platform, provides visually stunning  images, up to and including 4K resolution and can be easily installed and incorporated into your environment’s design. Whether you want to display menu boards, streaming video, or messages promoting happy hours, food specials or upcoming talent, this medium will enhance your atmosphere and will increase customer engagement .  In addition, Netmax Communications through it's partnership with Worldwide Interactive Media can provide complete content management.

We have developed systems and content management programs for the following verticle markets:

Auto Dealers




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